About Us

Our Odyssey in Excellence

Haya Boilers (P) Ltd., since the inception of our company, we ensure state of the art for every product making in complete industrial kitchen equipment manufacturing industry. We specialized in our work of making FIRE WOOD STOVES, GRANUAL’S FIRE WOOD STOVES, LPG STOVES, INDUCTION STOVES, BOILERS, STEAMERS, TAWAS and other Bakery, Eatery, Food & Beverage counter’s Kitchen and Dining utility items.

We offer customized products to our every customer, according to their own kitchen area, size and requirements. Always sharing our knowledge, if needed, educating our clients to productive utilization of kitchen space and positioning the items in appropriate way for hassle free access in its working environment with our valuable and credible work experiences.

Our products in the Brand Name of HAYA is significantly utilized by the people in Food Making Industry across Tamil Nadu and Kerala states. Ensuring best quality of raw materials and precise finishing of every product in our factory is our fundamental business principle to maintain the enduring credibility with our customers.