Fire Wood Tawa

Discover the authentic charm of traditional cooking with our Fire Wood Tawa. Crafted for those who appreciate the rich flavors of rustic cuisine, this flat cooking surface is ideal for preparing chapatis, parathas, and more over an open flame. The sturdy design ensures even heat distribution, allowing you to achieve that perfect, slightly charred texture. Embrace the nostalgic essence of outdoor cooking as you create culinary masterpieces with our Fire Wood Tawa. Elevate your kitchen experience and savor the timeless joy of cooking over an open fire.

LPG Tawa

Introducing our innovative LPG Tawa, a modern solution for traditional cooking. Crafted for convenience, this flat cooking surface is designed to deliver exceptional results using clean and efficient LPG fuel. With precise temperature control and rapid heating capabilities, it ensures a seamless cooking experience for chapatis, dosas, and more. The durable construction guarantees longevity, while the sleek design adds a touch of contemporary elegance to your kitchen. Upgrade your culinary adventures with the versatility and efficiency of our LPG Tawa.


Naturally sourced and time-tested, our Tawas offers gentle and effective freshness for everyday skincare.


Authentic flavor infusion, our Tandoor delivers culinary perfection with every meal.

Ovens & Tandoor

Enhance efficiency and streamline processes with our comprehensive range of essential ancillaries.

Cooking Stores

Explore culinary possibilities with quality tools and ingredients at our diverse cooking stores.

Display Counters

Elevate your products with stylish precision using our versatile and functional display counters.

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Powerful boilers and steamers for seamless performance, efficiency, and culinary excellence every time.

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